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Come In and SEA Why So Many Return!

If you love clams, then you're in luck! We sell fresh clams. The types we offer are little necks, top necks, cherry stone, and chowder clams. Our clams are available in a varitey of different count bushels.

Get a large selection of seafood fare

Looking for a variety of seafood to prepare for either a meal or a party? You'll find your one-stop seafood shop with us. We have a wide selection of fresh seafood to choose from. Some examples are:

•  Fish (haddock, flounder, salmon, monkfish, halibut, Chilean sea bass, and more)

•  Shellfish (shrimp, scallops, oysters, crabs, crawfish, lobsters, and more)

•  Crabmeat (jumbo lump, back fin, claw; fresh or Pasteurized)

Come sample some of the freshest seafood around. Our selection changes daily.

Seafood so fresh you can taste the difference

Even if you aren't a seafood connoisseur, you'll be able to taste the obvious difference in our quality. Our selection changes daily based on our catches of the day.

Fresh seafood